Welcome to Situational Skincare 101

Cheaper than a university degree (and in some cases, more useful)

Pore Behavior

So we’ve all got pores. They’re supposed to release stuff out of our skin, but sometimes they hoard stuff that finds its way in there from the environment and anything else that happens to come into contact with your face. Pores are tiny, relatively speaking, so they’re tricky to clean. They do a pretty good job of keeping themselves tidy, but if you’re wearing makeup, touching your face a lot, or you live in a place with less-than-pristine air quality or a harsh climate, they’re going to need your help to stay gunk-free and happy.

Cleanser Counts

Washing your face is usually not the sort of thing you overthink. It’s just another step in between brushing your teeth and showering, or whatever order your daily hygiene falls in. You may not give it much thought at all — after all, your facial cleanser just makes a quick cameo, sudsing up your mug and then there it goes, down the drain in a minute. But during this brief and very important period is when the foundation of your skincare regimen begins, setting your skin up for the rest of what’s to come. All those expensive serums and creams you splurged on can’t give you the glowing, radiant skin of a newborn babe they promised unless they’re working on a properly cleansed, fresh canvas: AKA your face with absolutely nothing on it. Anything less is like making a salad without washing the leaves first (we’ll let you imagine those potential consequences). Cleanser counts, big time.

Indulge Your Cravings

You know how there are skin types? Makes sense that there should be cleanser types, too then, right? One-and-done isn’t going to cut it when there’s skin in the game (literally). Whether your skin falls under dry, oily, combo, or “normal,” all those skin cells turn over just the same like seasons repeating themselves, so your routine should keep up. When your face is feeling congested and dull, something with a gentle exfoliant will help shimmy those microscopic dead skin flakes away, revealing smooth baby skin underneath. If it’s parched, you’ll need something a bit more pampering to keep things plush and cushy. And when your pores are evicting sebum like it’s going out of business, that’s when the extra elbow grease is needed. (And yes, you do, in fact, fight oil with oil — more on that later.) We’ve all got cravings and so does our skin. But you should actually listen to your skin’s.

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

If you want your skin to look its best, you have to wash your face. Every day. We don’t make the rules; that’s just how the game is played. A couple tenets: don’t rush, don’t scrub too hard, and don’t forget your neck. But what about makeup?  Longwear foundation and waterproof mascara is a modern triumph, and removing it can feel more arduous than getting houseguests to take the hint when they’re overstaying their welcome. That’s when Kissimmee Vitamin F Cleansing Balm comes in — think of it like a pre-cleanser or a makeup remover that won’t tear your poor little eyelashes out like a face wipe or remover-soaked cotton pad will do. Massage it onto dry skin until it emulsifies with your makeup and then rinse away and move onto your next choice of cleanser to whisk away remaining residue. Congratulations, you’ve just double-cleansed.  In the mornings when the only thing on your face is lingering sleep and pillow dust, feel free to start your day with any of our three other cleansers: Tashmoo Water Lily Milky Wash for those with dry and/or sensitive skin, Superior Omega Gel Wash for a refreshing tone-up, or Shasta AHA Acid Wash for a thorough pore reset. Feel free to rotate accordingly, morning and evening.

Situational Cleansing

Routines may rule our daily and weekly schedules, but when it comes to your skin, you have to make the call as to what it needs based on what you’re doing in it at the time. After all, skin is a living organ. It gets cranky, it gets thirsty, it has different needs at different times, so one-and-done is never going to cut it. It’s like eating the same meal every single day—technically functional but boring and also not super nutritious. That’s why you should tweak your skincare routine to your situation. Welcome to Situational Cleansing™. If you live in a place that experiences all four seasons, that’s an easier situation to anticipate than a sudden influx of pore congestion after a long and indulgent weekend. Cold, dry weather calls for extra hydration and gentler actives. Warm, humid weather requires a bit more pore-clearing and light layers of moisture (and sun protection, always). For those situations that you can’t necessarily plan for but tend to creep up on you anyway (breakouts, dullness, pigmentation, overly excited hormones), keep your medicine cabinet full of the appropriate potions to restore the balance.

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