Situational Skincare

Skincare doesn’t begin and end once you’ve figured out your skin type. In fact, your skin reserves the right to switch types when it pleases, much to your (and your wallet’s) chagrin. This is including but not limited to: age, life events, stress, seasons, climates, lifestyle changes...and you, fearless face-haver, are expected to just keep up. No one said life was fair, but the best defense is a good skincare strategy. And the best strategies begin with understanding the situation.

For those situations that you can’t necessarily plan for but tend to creep up on you anyway (breakouts, dullness, pigmentation, overly excited hormones), keep your medicine cabinet full of the appropriate potions to restore the balance.

Routines may rule our daily and weekly schedules, but when it comes to your skin, you have to make the call as to what it needs based on what you’re doing in it at the time. After all, skin is a living organ. It gets cranky, it gets thirsty, it has different needs at different times, so one-and-done is never going to cut it.

Situational Cleansing™

First, let’s take your skin type into account:

On the dehydrated side? Tashmoo Waterlily Nourishing Milky Wash will start you off right. 

On the oilier side or somewhere in between? Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash will get your slate nice and fresh.

Dullness and breakouts rudely interrupting your glow? Allow Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash’s targeted acids gently polish your complexion for smoother, glowing skin.

If your skin is really dehydrated or in need of kid gloves, Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash is a richly nourishing wash to pamper and feed your skin moisturizing oils and essential vitamins—it’s also a really effective makeup-remover. 

Here’s a breakdown of a few everyday situations you may find your skin in and how HoliWash can save it:

A day you’re wearing a full face of makeup: Emulsify and fully remove all makeup, oil, and grime with Kissimmee, and then follow up with Superior for a thorough clean that doesn’t strip your moisture barrier. 

When the windchill is punishing: Kissimmee and/or Tashmoo will soothe redness for  wind-ravaged skin

When the heat and humidity are downright excessive: Superior or Shasta will be the Windex for your pores, allowing them to feel clear and uncongested. 

After a satisfying workout: Let Shasta be your sweat suction and clear your canvas. 

After a day at the beach: Superior can gently clean your salt and sunscreen-soaked skin.

After that day at the beach left you with a tender sunburn: Tashmoo can cleanse your skin without further irritating or further drying it out. 

After a hike in the mountains: Definitely Kissimmee (really massage it in), followed by Superior to sweep everything down the drain.

When your skin is rebelling with breakouts: Shasta will smooth things over.